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About us

Don & Sandie

Don and Sandie have been active in the dog world for over 45 years. In the past, we owned a deluxe boarding kennel for cats and dogs. We offered obedience training classes and agility classes for dogs of all ages.

The Register of Merit Canada system for German Shepherd Dogs in Canada was researched, set up and maintained by Sandie for many years. This system tabulated the wins of German Shepherd Dogs across Canada to as far back as could be found published.

We started our breeding programme back in 1970 with our first litter of German Shepherd Dogs. We competed in obedience trials and dog shows with our dogs and won many awards and titles.

When our children were little, we added Pembroke Welsh Corgis to our kennel as family pets. We also began to show and breed our Corgis, enjoying much success with them.

As we got older, our dogs needed to be smaller, so we decided to include Tibetan Spaniels into our showing and breeding programme. We eventually phased out the breeding and showing of our German Shepherd Dogs and Pembroke Welsh Corgis. They are our seniors here at Sandon Kennels now, just like us.

We are still active breeders of Tibetan Spaniels and continue to show our Tibbies in both the United States and Canada. We are very proud of our success.

Breeding at Sandon Kennels

Through the years we have finished Canadian championships on many of our German Shepherd Dogs that we have bred and owned. We are proud to have bred and owned Maturity Victor Canadian Champion Sandon's Devil Diver. We also owned the 1998 Select Bitch Can. Champion Brookswoods La Fire.

When our children were little, we purchased and co-owned Max, our first Pembroke Welsh Corgi for the kids to enjoy. Max was a pet through the week and a great show dog on weekends. Max was registered as Am. & Can. Ch. Stonecroft's Simply Sinful TT. He went on to be #1 Herding Group Dog the first year that Canada introduced the Herding Group at Dog Shows. He also added many Best in Shows to his credit across Canada and became the #6 Dog in Canada. Many of our corgis went on to earn Canadian Championships and through the years we had the honour to have the #1, #2, #3 and #4 PW corgis in Canada. The #1 Corgi Puppy in Canada was Ch. Sandon's Pickwick (Percy) with 3 Best Puppy in Show awards.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our German Shepherd Dogs and Pembroke Welsh Corgis for over thirty years. We no longer breed or show them and are concentrating on the showing and breeding of our Tibetan Spaniels. We show them all over North America. We also ship our Tibetan Spaniel puppies throughout Canada and the United States of America. Our successes include American and Canadian Championships, Grand Championships, National Specialty wins in Canada and the USA.

Sorry, we are no longer breeding German Shepherd dogs or Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

We are currently breeding only Tibetan Spaniels. Please see our puppies section for more information on Tibbie puppies.

Our Memberships

We are members of:

     The Canadian Kennel Club
     The Tibetan Spaniel Club of America
     The Finger Lakes Tibetan Spaniel Club
     The St.Catharines and District Kennel and Obedience Club
     Temperament Test Associates, and
     American Temperament Test Society

In the past, we have been members of:

     The GSDC of America
     The GSDC of Canada
     The Niagara Peninsula GSDC
     The Niagara District Schutzhund Club, and
     The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Canada.


Sorry, we are no longer breeding German Shepherd dogs or Pembroke Welsh Corgis.
Tibetan Spaniel puppies are our specialty now.

We keep a waiting list for our puppies and we contact everyone when our newest litter has arrived. At that time folks can decide if this is a good time for them to have a new puppy. Puppies can be seen after they've had their first shots at 6 weeks of age. At that time we will take deposits from the folks who want a puppy from that litter. Puppies go to new homes after 10 weeks of age.

All Sandon puppies are tattooed for identification purposes and will be registered with the CKC. Of course, we give a health guarantee for our puppies and we advise that the puppy be taken by the new owner to their Vet for a health check within the first week of purchase.

Tibetan Spaniels

The Tibetan Spaniel is a small dog with a big dog personality. They are great companions for kids, cats, elders and everyone in between. They are an all-weather dog that loves to go for walks whether it is sunny, rainy, windy, or cold. They will be glad to take walks whenever you want to go whether it is early morning or late at night.

They are good eaters and clean house dogs. Their coat is easy to maintain with just brushing and combing on a regular basis. They have excellent hearing and sight so not much gets past them and they are eager to check out the world around them. They are great travellers and enjoy trips by car, plane, or boat. Most tibbies live a long, healthy life with many of them still healthy at 12-15 years of age.

Check with us to see if we have puppies or adult dogs available for new homes.

From time to time we have older Tibbies for sale. These dogs are all healthy and with good temperament. We sell them for a very reasonable price because we are more interested in finding them a good home for life. We need families that are willing to spend time to introduce a new dog into their home. Older dogs are just like puppies, they need lots of attention, love, routines, rules, exercise and obedience training. We are looking for a family that has the time for a new older dog to get it started right. We sell our older dogs on a two week trial and we have a few rules that must be followed. The dog must have a crate to sleep in, go outside ONLY ON LEASH, no visitors including no children for the two weeks. We also ask that you contact us immediately with any problems and limit the area of the house that the dog is allowed to be in until completely housetrained. By following these simple rules we find that the dog will make an easy transition to the new home and family. After two weeks, if the dog is working out and will be staying then arrangements are to be made to have the dog spayed or neutered at your expense.

Adult dogs are individually priced. Each dog is special in their own way and very loving and devoted. Each one is looking for that special family that will love and enjoy them for the rest of their life.

Temperment Testing

We would like to thank all the dog clubs and groups across Canada for inviting us out to Temperament Tests in your area throughout the years. We are very proud that so many dog owners in Canada realize the importance of good, sound, safe temperament in all breeds of dogs and have used our temperament tests to prove the soundness of their breeds.

At this time our dates are very limited to judge temperament tests. Check with us to see the dates that are available for the rest of this year.

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