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Pembroke Welsh Corgis & Stud Dog

** Corgi puppies available throughout the year **

Am. Champion Foxlore's Billy The Kid.



From time to time we have older Corgis and Tibbies for sale. These dogs are all healthy and with good temperament. We sell them for a very reasonable price because we are more interested in finding them a good home for life. We need families that are willing to spend time to introduce a new dog into their home. Older dogs are just like puppies, they need lots of attention, love, routines, rules, exercise and obedience training. We are looking for a family that has the time for a new older dog to get it started right. We sell our older dogs on a two week trial and we have a few rules that must be followed. The dog must have a crate to sleep in, go outside ONLY ON LEASH, no visitors including no children for the two weeks, call us immediately with any problems and limit the area of the house that the dog is allowed to be in until completely housetrained. By following these simple rules we find that the dog will make an easy transition to the new home and family. After two weeks, if the dog is working out and will be staying then arrangements are to be made to have the dog spayed or neutered at your expense.

Adult dogs are individually priced. Each dog is special in their own way and very loving and devoted. Each one is looking for that special family that will love and enjoy them for the rest of their life.