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Dog Obedience Training

Get control first, then teach your dog obedience. That is what Sandon Kennels' obedience classes are all about. We teach you how to get control, then we teach you how to teach your dog. We have fun in our small friendly groups. We use a variety of methods and a variety of collars as no two dogs learn the same way. We find and use the best method to train your dog so that he understands what you want from him. We teach you how to work with your dog, so that you and your dog become a happy team. We use a small amount of food rewards but the dog learns to work because he respects you and a treat may be included for a job well done. Treats are never used to bribe your dog into doing an exercise. We want our dogs to work for us NOT for just the food reward. Our classes are held on Wednesday evenings throughout the year. We have a new set of classes starting every 8 weeks. We offer the Beginners Class for dogs never having had any formal classes and for puppies coming from a puppy socializing classes. We offer the Advanced Class for dogs having completed the Beginners Class from any obedience school. This class is geared to train the dog to work towards working off-lead for the heeling exercises, the recall exercise and the stays. It is a seven week coarse with usually only 8-10 dogs per class. For those handlers who would like to take their dogs on to Obedience Trials, we offer a Trial-Ready Class. This class prepares the dog and the handler to compete in the obedience ring. The handler will also learn the rules to follow when competing at obedience trials and learn how and when to enter trials. All of our obedience classes are held at the St. Georges's Homer church on Queenston Road in NOTL.